Monday, November 9, 2009

All City Black Book Show celebrating Graffiti New York

Here are a few shots of the All City Black Book Show celebrating Graffiti New York.

Special thanks and major props to ON 2 and LASK ONE for putting together such a hot event!
Shouts to Charlie Balduchi and NYC Arts Cypher and the many heads that attended and supported. BRAZE, STRIDER, GANO GRILLS, RIN, MENIC, MARS, PREZ, SOLAR (RIP) BENO (RIP) TF5, TVS, VO5, VGL, LAVA I & II, FDT 56, WICKED GARY, LIL ROCK I & II, STAY HIGH 149, RIFF 170, CHAIN 3, TEAN 5. KADE 198, NIKE, FED DEUCE, TEEN, STAN TS5, MERK, JAMESTOP, RAB, BOM 5, CRANE TMT, CAC, KID. KAVES LOB, STEM YNN, SNOOZE, DOC TC5, BREAK TPA, NIC ONE, BURNER ONES, CLONE, BH ONE, SHARE 137, FUME, Shiren van Cooten representing the Toronto Graffiti book, Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper, Fresh Style Rockers, and The Bandulos hip hop band rocked the house with B Boy Classics and deep funk. Thanks to Clove Lake Books.

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