Monday, July 12, 2010

London Burners

Just peeped a great new book by Jete Swami called London Burners published by Prestel. It is an amazing collection of paintings and artists in action on the London Underground. A must have.

From the publisher: A young photographer explores the artistry and adventure that goes into the incredible graffiti of London's overground and underground trains.
Some of the most outrageous graffiti art in the world barrels through the city of London in a blur of color. These moving canvases and the people who create the dubs or burners are the subject of an electrifying collection of images by photographer Jete Swami. As a teenager, he hung out in sidings and soon learned to paint trains, all the while taking photos and filming his friends-which he continues to do today. In revealing interviews with the photographer, these artists speak out about the joys and dangers of bombing and burning their tags, throw-ups and pieces on to London transport. In addition to vibrant reproductions of the works themselves are shots of the artists as they work under cover of night or scramble to avoid arrest. A unique collection of London's most dazzling high-speed train art, London Burners captures the intensity of this most urban of artistic expressions.
Check out the Youtube promo.

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