Monday, July 12, 2010

London Hand Styles

London Hand Styles is yet another great book on the London scene. This is a book focuses on the most important, yet overlooked form of graffiti--the "tag". It is an incredible collection of tags from a broad scope of writers in London. It also features commentary from the artists that offer an intimate look at the hearts of "real" writers. Here is one of my faves from ROBBO. "We was in yards five nights a week. We didn't bother with the weekends, that was for part time school boys who hotted things up"

From the publisher: London Hand Styles is a full colour 160 page book with over 800 images documenting some of London's finest tags from the 80's through to the present day.

Also featured in the book are words, quotes and legendary tales from London's most notorious and prolific writers including SUB, SHAM, DIET, DRAX, MEROK, DZIA, ZOMBY, REGRET, 2 KOLD, PANIK, 10 FOOT plus many more.

With the clean up operation now well under way, sadly you can no longer see the work of London's most infamous writers... ...this book allows you never to forget.

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