Thursday, August 29, 2013

Henry Chalfant is Opening the Vaults: Vintage New York City Graffiti

Henry Chalfant is best known for producing two of the most historically influential documentations of New York's graffiti art movement. The book Subway Art (1984) which he co-authored with Martha Cooper and the film Style Wars (1983) which he co-produced with director Tony Silver. Each one of these projects have been embraced by the international graffiti community and have served as cultural blueprints for graffiti art movements across the world.

Chalfant was shooting during the peak of the New York City graffiti art movement and captured many of the era's most creative and influential paintings.  His previous documentary projects are amazing works, but only feature a small portion of what he captured on film.  

His latest project, The Big Graffiti Archive produced with Max Hergenrother, will reveal the rest of Chalfant's collection. It features photographs of over 800 subway paintings—only a fraction of which has been previously published.  Chalfant has organized the works by the crews that produced them and is releasing such volumes periodically.  At this point three volumes are available. 

Big Graffiti Archive Volume 1
Crazy Young Artists (CYA) and The Vamp Squad (TVS)

Rolling Thunder Writers (RTW) and the Soul Artists (SA)

Big Graffiti Archive Volume 3

Each volume promises to astound! The collection also features interviews with 50 artists produced by Carl Weston, of VideoGraf Productions.   I encourage anyone who has affection for this art form to go to iTunes and download them immediately. You won't be disappointed.

I eagerly anticipate the release of each new volume.

 Eric DEAL
The Crazy 5

Crazy Young Artists (CYA) and The Vamp Squad (TVS)
Rolling Thunder Writers (RTW) and the Soul Artists (SA)

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