Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Studio visits are always a treat. It affords you an intimate look at technique and process.  Recently the artist William  Power invited to me to his studio to see some of his work.

William Power is a unique artist that defies category. He grew up in a generation that saw graffiti pulled under the umbrella of Hip Hop and this plays a major part in the concepts he explores. He utilizes techniques of graffiti and street artists such as spray paint and stencils, yet he is equally comfortable with paintbrushes and a fine arts approach. He fuses Hip Hop themes with religious iconography found in Renaissance paintings.

 For the past year he has been rubbing elbows with many highly respected writers from the New York City graffiti movement.  REE MTA has taken Power   under his wing—teaching him traditional graffiti techniques.  Though he is not a writer in the traditional sense, the Ex Vandals (who have recently begun inducting new members) recognized his talent and he has joined their ranks.

 On August 24. 2013 he will be participating in EPICS & ICONS, Evolutions of Urban Art—an exhibition curated by SinXero Art. There Power  will unveil his latest painting. It is a MUST see.

For additional details on the exhibition please visit

His process and devotion to his craft is impressive. I can’t wait to see where he goes with it.  Big ups Will!

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