Saturday, October 15, 2011


JAMES TOP is constantly putting together unique events. For the past year he has been working with HIP HOP USA on series of graffiti art battles set on a pretty unique canvas— sneakers. In July I dropped by one of the battles.

Organized by Terry Nelson for Hip Hop USA, and curated by JAMES TOP, the exhibitions include photographs of the artists' original paintings on subways and hand painted recreations of the paintings on Hip Hop USA's white canvas sneakers.

Artists represented in the exhibition include: STAY HIGH 149, JAMES TOP, JESTER, SPAR TFP, KING 2, KING BEE, SLAVE, TON, AZ ONE, LAVA I & II, PASER aka Popmaster Fabel, SHADOW TR, ALE ONE and many others.

I vibed on some cool music and art chilled with JAMES and my man REE MTA, but the a real highlight of the evening was meeting KING 2 for the first time. KING was one of my childhood heros. During the mid 70s he ran with guys like TRACY 168 and PEL. He banged out a lot of great pieces on the IRT 4 line. He was one of the best of the era, so I expected a bit of arrogance, but the cat was totally humble. What a day!

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