Friday, July 15, 2011

Mr. Kaves: “New York, New York: Big City of Dreams”

Hionas Gallery
89 Franklin Street, 212-274-9003
Tribeca / Downtown
July 15 - August 13, 2011
Opening: Thursday, July 14, 6 - 8 PM

All You See is….Sex in the City!

I can't recall how I stumbled onto this photo, but the instant I saw it I fell in love with— not so much for the style, but for what it signifies. I do not know who did the car or when it was done (has to be post 2001 because of the American flag on the car). I also have not ruled out the possibility that it is a Photoshop hoax, but it speaks volumes as to the influence of the 1983 documentary film Style Wars, as well as cultural importance of painting on subway cars. (Directed by Tony Silver and Produced by Henry Chalfant, Style Wars is widely recognized as a catalyst and a blue print for graffiti art movements across the world. )

This painting on a New York City subway car is reference to dialogue in the film Style Wars, where the artist SKEME describes a painting he did on the subway. "All you see is.. Crime in the City" . The painting here "All you see is... Sex in the City" is a tribute to SKEME's work with a clever tie in the HBO television series Sex in the City.

This painting could have easily been done on a wall and those in the know would have still got the joke, but the artist chose a Subway Car—a real prize, especially in an era where the subways are relatively graffiti free.

Hey, hoax or not I love the concept!