Tuesday, December 4, 2012


by Andrea Nelli 
Whole Train Press

This book is a must have.  It is a reissue of an Italian book by by Andrea Nelli  that was originally published in 1978. I saw if for the first time late last month and just can't stop looking at it. It is an amazing collection of many rarely seen photos from the 1970s.   There are many outstanding shots,  but  "The Man With Eight Arms" is by far my personal favorite.  It is a real gem because it dates around 1975, and is one of LEE Quinones's earliest illustrations on a subway train.  That photo alone makes the book worth picking up.     You also get great old shots  and interviews of graffiti pioneers like SNAKE 1 and COCO 144. In addition there are lots of photos of tags in subway stations, which is rarity in graffiti books. Gorgeous  tags by VANE, FLEA, JESTER and others. The book is elegantly bound in cloth.. a real collector's item. Grab it! 

Curated  by Andrea Caputo and published by Whole Train Press